KENJI KOGA, a renowned artist with a worldly vision of the future, is going to put together a project called “Cashless World”, lead by TOUREX COIN. The project will take off with a message from Mr. KOGA, whose career spanned the globe since the 1980s.

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If we posed the question “what would we be able to do with a telephone?” to Graham Bell a 100 years ago, he probably would not have been able to imagine that people would be able to order pizza or call your girlfriend who lives in a different country. In the 1940s, it used to take 10 days by a horse carriage to get from New York to San Francisco, but as telegraphs came to be in practical use, same-day trans-country correspondence became possible. However, even with an advertising campaign to have telegraphs on every desk, it did not become widespread because of its necessity to acquire complicated knowledge. This is where the telephone, an 1876 invention by Graham Bell, comes in. It was now possible to communicate through voice, not written words. One could even sing a message. Then came the computer. In 1980, Steve Jobs makes a prediction: “A computer is very simple. Let’s say you were in a state where you could only comprehend very basic instructions, and you needed to go to the restroom. I would need to teach you how to get to the restroom in minute detail. ‘You stand on both feet. Bring your left foot up. Bring it up until your foot is parallel to the floor. Lean your body forward a little so the center of gravity shifts, and move 300 meters.’ But if you could do this at a speed that is 100 times faster than normal, it would look like magic. If you drop your drink from the table, maybe you could scoop up all the liquid before it hits the floor. And me, watching this, would not be able to perceive anything because it happened so fast. This is what the computer is dong.” The internet is now a part of many people’s lives, but 35 years ago in 1985, most people didn’t even know the existence of computers let alone its merits. The above comment was what Steve Jobs talked about in an interview with “Playboy.” The emergence of the cryptocurrency is the same. People don’t know about the protocol of a blockchain. Yet in the near future, many people will be shopping around the world with the cryptocurrency that they have. Without knowing that they are contributing to world peace or environmental conservation. And that is all fine. CEO Mr. Yusunoki is repeating what Jobs predicted: “the age of the cashless society is nearly here.” History repeats itself. This is “the cashless world” that I instinctively knew would come.

July 28. 2018 KENJI KOGA



KINGDOM OF CAMBODIA : the World Heritage [Angkor Wat]
JAPAN : the World Heritage [Mt. Fuji]

What is the direction of basic branding TOUREXCOIN should proceed for the achievement that the Cambodian government collaborate with the TOUREXCOIN & COINYEX exchange?
That can be said as the direction of "cashless world", but to try to reduce the natural disaster on this planet. Pursuing the reduction of natural disasters emphasizes the importance of "environmental problems", "culture", and people's "safe and secure living".
There are world famous world heritage "Angkor Wat" in Kingdom of Cambodia and "Mt. Fuji" in Japan, respectively. There is a deeper meaning that is not mere government-approved crypto exchanges. And the artist KENJI KOGA was chosen as a memorial stamp of the United Nations Postal Service Bureau of the United Nations theme 'The Decade to Reduce Natural Disasters' in the last 10 years of the 20th century that millions of copies were issued to the world. I feel that it is not pure coincidence.

The United Nations postal administration part issue original commemoration stamp seat.

We Are Thoroughly Prepared : Kenji Koga

The strange colors with the strange shapes are the colors of the earth, thus representing all people on the earth. The red line shows the relationship of east and west.The black line shows the relationship of south and north. And the line without color represents the new relationship between east, west, south and north. Human efforts and the cooperation of each country to do whatever possible to do away with natural disaster. Efforts and cooperation will bear fruit only if the keywords of "Assessment","Prevention" and "Warning" are heeded and kept in mind in fighting natural disaster. The 20th century will soon close before us. and the 21st century will soon be upon us. We will then need the harmony of a "Dignified Humanity".



KENJI KOGA | He moved to New York in 1974 and started his career as an artist. His best known work, “Symbol of Peace” , is a collage of stamps which was chosen as one of the permanent collection pieces in the UN headquarters in New York. In this work, he places his hopes for world peace in dozens of stamps, which are merely small pieces of paper but have the power to bring people together. The piece was presented in a ceremony in May, 1993. In 1994, Koga’ s design was chosen by the UNPA Stamp Advisory Committee to be used for the commemorative stamp series for the UN “International Strategy for Disaster Reduction Conference” . He designed 3 new paintings for these stamps and they were issued from the UN offices in New York, Geneve, and Vienna in 1995, as “the last UN commemorative stamp of the 20th Century” . He works as an artist, a creative designer and a product designer. Born in Nagasaki, currently resides in Tokyo.

Participate in numerous Japanese and global projects


The latest project

Toward the TOKYO 2020 Olympic Games

Hokusai selected by America's Life magazine in 1998 as "100 Jie who influenced the world over the last 1000 years". 2019 is Hokusai's 170th anniversary, and in 2020 it will be the Tokyo Olympic Games.
Establish "Hokusai Summit Japan Committee" and position Hokusai as the key content of "inbound tourism" in Japan.

Founding founder: Kenji KOGA
Special Advisor: Shoji YUSUNOKI

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