The TOUREX Project developed TOUREXCOIN, which is a cryptocurrency that maximizes the latest block chain technology for investment payments in the Kingdom of Cambodia. The economy of Cambodia has been growing rapidly and the project has been established in order to contribute to the economic development of Cambodia.

The TOUREX Project is a project that aims at increasing the value of TOUREXCOIN with the contribution to the development of Cambodia. Those contributions are made by various kinds of development projects; the developments of real estate, lands and resorts, environmental and infrastructure improvements, and educational projects such as the establishment of agricultural school, and creating job opportunities through the construction of the school lunch center.

At the same time, COINYEX which is the Cryptocurrency Exchange officially approved by the Government of Cambodia, will be established.  It will help to save the time and cost of sending money for the investment and will enable the payment by debit cards issued by banks in Cambodia and cash out.